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Computing coverable surface area

  1. First, create a blueprint of the room in order to enable proper measuring.
  2. Measure the height of each wall from floor to ceiling and the horizontal width.
  3. Next, measure the area of windows, doors, and other areas that will not be covered.
  4. Surface area is computed as follows: vertical height x horizontal width of a wall, with the non-coated area subtracted. Add the total of the coverable surface area for each wall to obtain a total.
    • A: 3.6m wide x 2.4m tall - 1.8m wide x 0.9m tall = 7.02 square meters
    • B: 3.6m wide x 2.4m tall - 1.8m wide x 1.8m tall = 5.40 square meters
    • C: 2.7m wide x 2.4m tall = 6.48 square meters
    • D: 2.7m wide x 2.4m tall - 0.9m wide x 1.8m tall = 4.86 square meters
    • Total: 7.02 square meters + 5.40 square meters + 6.48 square meters + 4.86 square meters = 25 square meters
  5. Calculate the lost and surplus area of the surface and derive the final total surface area on which to apply.
  6. Ceiling area will be approximately that of the floor, so you can measure the floor to get a rough estimate. For beams and pillars, add their area to the total.
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