Momi Momi Diatomaceous Earth [Momy]

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Simple tricks to using a trowel

Lift the trowel upwards towards the direction to be painted and glide over surface. It may take some time to dry, so practice moving the trowel up and down and left to right before you begin to speed up the work.

Think of it like spreading margarine over toast♪

Pre-application preparations

  • If the surface to which the mixture will be applied is stained, use a cloth to wipe it clean.
  • If the surface is moldy, use a mold remover and then mold-proof the surface with a treating agent.
  • If the wallpaper is peeling off, remove it before application. Remove any paper residue before continuing.
  • For places requiring protective coating, use masking tape or a masker to cover them up. Apply the masking cover to the surface before you begin.


  • Note that an incorrect amount of water will cause the mixture to become either too hard or too soft, so measure accurately. Use 3 liters of water per 1.8kg Momi Momi Pack.
  • When kneading the Momi Momi Pack, do not puncture the bag with nails or other sharp objects. Perform work on a flat, level surface.
  • Firmly seal the Momi Momi Pack such that the water does not spill out. We recommend laying down a tarp or other work surface just in case.
  • Once kneading is complete, leave the mixture for five minutes so that it develops some viscosity, then lightly knead again.
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